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Liam Fitzgibbon is an award-winning writer, director and editor who specialises in comedy. His work has been viewed over 1 million times across Youtube, Tiktok and Instagram and has been featured on television and at film festivals, including the Melbourne International Film Festival.


Liam is the director / co-writer & editor for sketch group Hot Department. In 2022 Hot Department were awarded Development Funding by Screen Australia for their new sitcom series HOME.
They also partcipated in Screen Australia and Google’s Skip Ahead program, in which they created the eight-part comedy series Hot Department: Dark Web, which was released through Aunty Donna’s Grouse House Youtube channel.

Hot Department: Dark Web has gone on to win awards at festivals around the world, most recently winning Best Comedy Series and Best Overall Series at Sydney Web Fest. Liam was also recently awarded Best Direction in an Online Series Episode by The Australian Director's Guild.

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