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Fringe Festival Show - Introductory Video

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Shown as part of The Very Good Looking Initiative’s Green Room Award-nominated show BATMANIA. The video presents an introductory tourist guide to the Aussie dystopia that is Batmania.

Ride a kangaroo! Get a photo with your favourite white colonial, male hetero! Buy a Batmanian flag from our gift shop! Or simply kick back and enjoy some of the freshest produce the Batmanian Tuckshop has to offer, including a selection of fresh Murray Cod, Calippos, and fine wines organically sourced from the Coal Regions of Adani.


Liam Fitzgibbon


Caroline Meaden

"A tour of contemporary cultural nihilism, reanimated as dystopian camp" - Cameron Woodhead , The Age

"Everything about the project is tongue in cheek and fabulous with just enough political and social barbs to make us feel content" - Samsara, What Did She Think?

"[They] find enormous pleasure in taking the mundane and f*cking with it until it becomes horrifyingly hilarious. It's something they do extremely well" - Myron My,  My Melbourne Arts

"This subversive and talented comedy crew is certainly going places" - Cameron Woodhead, The Age

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